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Il Sorci Verdi Bundle

Il Sorci Verdi Bundle



Il Sorci Verdi Bundle includes: Il Sorci Verdi with conscious carbon fiber strap, Terra Cielo Mare professional carabiner by Kong and Terra Cielo Mare T-shirt.

Il Sorci Verdi
Dedicated to the great squadron of the “Sorci Verdi” (“Green Mice”), it is named “The Sorci Verdi” (with the article) to underline the uniqueness of the watch from both a technological as well as qualitative point of view.

Without crown ®
The crown, loyal to the ancient watch, has been substituted by a patented leaver release system. The closed leaver allows to charge while, with the open leaver, it is possible to regulate time through the rotation of the bezel.

Manufacture Movement
Il Sorci Verdi features a custom Terra Cielo Mare movement made in Switzerland by Concepto, the excellence in movement manufacturing of La Chaux-de-fonds.

Back case on two levels
The back case is developed on two levels and sealed with screws. The first, in sapphire crystal, closes in the movement to guarantee impermeability on which is then applied a skeletal titanium lid with the slip and skid ®.

The original plaque
Gifted by the Ali Storiche association, european reference for the recovery and restoration of historic airplanes, the original plaque derives from an old S79.

The conscious carbon fiber strap
This strap is developed in a new kind of carbon fiber: ultra-thin, ultra-resistence, waterproof, trasparent and very confortable to wear. It’s called conscious because it’s recycled from the automotive industry.

Technical specifications
Italian design, Swiss Made
Sanded titanium case with black PVD treatment
Lateral plaque in original S79 metal
Patented lever release system for charge and hour regulation ®
Automatic TCM-3900 movement by Concepto
Small seconds at 3h
Sapphire crystal anti-scratch/anti-reflection
Screw sealed back case on two levels in sapphire crystal and titanium
Patented inclinometer function inside back case ®
Dial with applique index
43mm diameter
Waterproof up to 5 atmospheres
Strap handcrafted in Italy with Terra Cielo Mare stitches
Limited edition of 79 pieces

The professional carabiner by Kong
Our professional carabiner is dedicated to people who seek extreme lightness and the slightest dimensions. Designed for better rope glide, to ensure good positioning of belay devices and shape adapted for easy tying and untying of a clove hitch. With this carabiner you can actually go climbing!

The Terra Cielo Mare T-shirt
The Terra Cielo Mare T-shirt is usually given only to our staff, close friends, ambassadors and club members. If you’re reading this line and you’re about to buy Il Sorci Verdi on Black Friday you’re supposedly smart enough to get one.