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Crono Sorci Verdi Mancino Acciaio

Crono Sorci Verdi Mancino Acciaio



The Crono Sorci Verdi mancino (left handed) presents classic elements of the combat and aviation chronographs. Of content and revisited with an up-to-date design, it celebrates history starting from the crest of the special division, the green mice, depicted on the dial, to the back case engraved with the silhouette of the S 79 as well as the red detail on the chronograph button, dedicated to the aviators’ wives who painted their fuselages with red nail polish in their memory and in sign of good luck.

Tachymeter spiral
Inside the dial, a laser cut spiral shaped tachymeter allows to measure speeds from 20km/h up to 390km/h and over.

The red lacquer
The Crono Sorci Verdi displays a red colored detail on the chronograph button to recall the aviators’ wives’ custom to paint the fuselage with red nail polish in sign of good luck.

The back case
The back case of the Crono Sorci Verdi is engraved with a faithful reproduction of the logo of the fighter aircraft SM79 with its three green mice.

Technical specifications

  • Swiss Made chronograph Valjoux 7750 movement
  • Hand refined 316L stainless-steel case (possible PVD treatment)
  • Buttons placed on the left
  • 44 millimeter diameter
  • Back case sealed with 8 screws
  • Back case medallion with relief engraving of the three green mice
  • Waterproof up to 5 atmospheres
  • 3 levels dial, applique index, laser cut numbers and spiral
  • Tachymeter spiral measuring from 390 to 20 km/h
  • Superluminova on dial
  • Convex sapphire crystal
  • Leather strap handcrafted in Italy
  • Numbered series

Strap specifications

  • Spring bars 22 mm
  • Buckle 20 mm