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88 Flak

88 Flak



The Terra Cielo Mare 88 Flak watch is dedicated to the famous anti- aircraft cannon 8,8cm Fliegabwehrkanone, also known as Flak 88. This weapon was one of the most successful cannons of World War II and it has been widely used also in the aftermath.

The dial
The dial of the 88 Flak is truly refined. Made with an original anti-aircraft bullet, it’s fashioned after a military tool the army used to calculate the shooting angle. The spiral, which embellishes the dial, when paired with the suitable optical tool, was used to time on an 18-second basis the trajectory of the target and to calculate its speed and its distance – and, consequently, the shooting angle.

Engraved back case
The back case of the 88 Flak is engraved with a grooved texture that recalls the rifling of a barrel as seen from the front.

Limited edition
Limited editions are a hallmark of Terra Cielo Mare. However, the number of available pieces is never based on a random choice, but rather on an unavoidable one – as in the case of the Flak 88. In fact, the watch is made with the original bullet of a caliber 88, which is considered extremely rare by many connoisseurs.

Technical specifications

  • Swiss made chrono movement Valjoux 7750
  • Case in 316 L
  • Bezel and back case in phosphor bronze
  • Pushers on the right side
  • Back case fixed by 8 screws
  • Joint-fixed Engraved back case medallion
  • Waterproof up to 5 atmospheres
  • Dial made with an original anti-aircraft bullet
  • Domed, anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Italian made hand-stitched English-leather strap
  • Limited edition (88 pieces)
  • Italian design, Swiss made