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The professional daredevils we’ve chosen to field-test our technical solutions

Matteo Della Bordella

Mountaineer and explorer

Born in Varese, 1984, Matteo is one of the toughest mountaineers and climbers in Italy. Member of the “Ragni di Lecco”, one of the most illustrious international alpine clubs, and of the Club Alpino Accademico Italiano (CAAI), he’s known for the discovery of new paths in Patagonia, Himalaya, Greenland and the Alps. On his wrist there’s an Orienteering BP.

Laura Rogora

Professional climbing athlete

Laura Rogora (2001) is one of the strongest italian female climbers. She practises competition climbing, boulder and speed, rock climbing and bouldering.
In August 2018 she became world Youth A champion in boulder. She’s now our bet for Tokyo2020 Olimpics. On her wrist there’s an Orienteering BP.

Luca Schiera

Mountaineer and explorer

Born in Erba (Como), 1990, Luca is one of the most promising Italian mountaineers. He’s member of the “Ragni di Lecco” and spends most of his time among the Central Alps, with a predilection for the Val di Mello area. He run and discovered paths in Himalaya, Ethiopia, Oman, China, Patagonia, Pakistan, Kirghizistan and the Alps. He wears an Orienteering El Alamein. 

Marcello Bombardi

Professional climbing athlete

Born in Modena in 1993. He is member of the Italian National Team and he is also supported by Centro Sportivo Esercito Italiano. He’s now in final at the World Championship in Innsbruck. He wears an Orienteering BP.

Claudia Ghisolfi

Professional climbing athlete

Born in 1996, she won italian Boulder, Speed and Lead championship over the years, then she focused on Lead, in which she won Coppa Italia for four years. On her wrist there’s an Orienteering Concrete.


Matteo De Zaiacomo

Mountaineer and explorer

Born in 1993, talented climber and travel enthusiast, Matteo is a member of the “Ragni di Lecco” group and he lived with them incredible experiences on the biggest mountain walls in the world, like Baghirathi Group in Himalaya and Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle. He wears an Orienteering.


David Bacci

Alpinist and adventurer

Born in 1985, He's Member of Ragni di Lecco since 2016. He Loves wild nature (preferably extremely cold) and unclimbed mountains. He's always looking for new adventures all over the world while wearing his Orienteering BP.