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Exploring the World to know ourselves

Terra Cielo Mare was born in 1999 and for more than 10 years it was managed by it’s founder, that passed away before 2010. It was a military brand, inspired by the Italian military history. When I took the brand in 2013 I was so much fashinated by the original concept, as in Italy we have lot of history to tell, but I realized that to believe and have success in my work, I would need to change something in the brand, to make it more modern and similar to my ideas. I love to explore the world, cities and far wilderness.

Luca Fontana, Terra Cielo Mare CEO

About Terra Cielo Mare

Terra Cielo Mare is a family company that, one generation after another, creates uncommon and peculiar timepieces. We think the best way to carve out our living space in a world full of giants is being able to listen to our interior voice, following our passions and consequently having some fun. Behind everyone of our watches there’s a passion, a quest, sometimes an obsession – always something which we believed in.