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Orienteering Titanium

Orienteering Titanium



A completely new model of the famous Orienteering watch in titanium case. The Orienteering is dedicated to the great explorers who have always needed an instrument to orient themselves on land and sea, even in adverse conditions.

The stellar map

On the back case, a stellar map in order to orient oneself even at night by locating the pole star, in the northern hemisphere, and the south cross, in the southern hemisphere.

The crown
The turning bezel is adjustable through the use of a dedicated crown. The hour regulating crown, instead, is placed on the left side of the case at 9h. The watch is therefore a mancino (left-handed). This unique design makes it a comfortable watch and helps to avoid articular sprains even in case of fall.

How it functions
While the magnet can be subjected to magnetic fields (as it often happens in the deserts and in specific oceanic regions) and the GPS needs a source of electric energy in order to function, the solar compass ® is an instrument you can always rely on.

Technical specifications

  • Automatic charge Eta 2824-2 movement with calendar
  • Grade 2 titanium case with through screws
  • Anti-magnetic
  • Solar compass function ®
  • Back case with titanium medallion and blue PVD treatment
  • Anti-scratch and anti-reflection sapphire crystal
  • Two screw crowns
  • Dial with turning bezel for orientation
  • Waterproof up to 10 atmospheres
  • 44mm diameter
  • Numbered edition
  • Nato strap
  • Italian design, Swiss made

    Nato strap

    • Spring bars 22 mm
    • Buckle 22 mm