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Toponi Officer Gold

Toponi Officer Gold



A homage to the great story of the Officer watches, named as such because in endowment to the officers of the military. These watches distinguished themselves for the distinctive back case with opening door.

Offset dial
The dial has been offset to hour 2 in order to ease the reading for the pilot in order not to have to detach the hands from the cloche.

Openable back case
The back case of the Toponi Officer has an openable door. A glass, with a special partially mirrored fumè finish, has been applied on the movement for protection.

Phosphor Marine Bronze
The Phosphor Marine Bronze selected by Terra Cielo Mare is a special alloy without Nickel, a material usually present in common bronze, which causes allergies and irritations. The Bronze, with the passing of time, will experience slight oxidation phenomenas giving the watch a vintage look which will vary according to the person’s chemistry.
As with pearls, it becomes more beautiful as it is worn.

Technical specifications

  • Italian design, Swiss Made
  • Entirely hand refined Unitas 6498 movement
  • Hand refined bicolor Officer case in polished 316L steel and satiated
  • Phosphor Marine Bronze
  • Hand refined satiated 5N rose gold case (gold version)
  • Openable back case
  • Movement protecting fumè sapphire back case glass
  • Anti-scratch and anti-reflection convex sapphire front glass
  • Waterproof up to 5 atmospheres
  • 44 mm diameter
  • Italian handcrafted leather strap
  • Numbered edition (bronze version)
  • Limited edition of 25 pieces (gold version)

Strap specifications

  • Spring bars 22 mm
  • Buckle 20 mm