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Posted by Luca Fontana on

The solar compass
A completely new model of the famous Orienteering watch by Terra Cielo Mare, renowned world wide for being worn by the protagonist of the colossal World War Z. The Orienteering is dedicated to the great explorers who have always needed an instrument to orient themselves on land and sea, even in adverse conditions.
Born as solar compass: it allows to determine one’s position without the aid of magnets or electronic devices, entrusting in the position of the sun or of the stars wether it’s in the northern or southern hemisphere.

Such procedure is made possible by the dial with turning bezel, adjustable according to the hour, in order to indicate the North and, with the stellar map on the back case, to recognize the pole star or south cross. The particular construction of the case, in titanium with through screws, guarantees lightness and resistance both against shocks as well as magnetic fields, which could reduce the precision of the watch. Furthermore, the lightness and reduced dimensions, compared to the past, make the watch comfortable and less cumbersome even during extreme sports.